A bit of history

La maison Lefèvre

Some of you have probably already heard this name, or even know the story of Alfred Lefèvre.

A Belgian immigrant, he arrived in the city of Esch-sur-Alzette in 1889 as a simple construction worker.
As the historian Denis Scuto so aptly recounts, he is the typical representative of a self-made man.

Indeed, Alfred was one of those men driven by the need to build. An adage says “you are not born an entrepreneur, you become one”. This was the case for Mr. Lefèvre who from 1910 re-designed the Eschois landscape with decisive projects for the city such as covering the Alzette and the construction of the Arbed Esch/Schifflange steelworks.
Projects followed one after another, notably the renowned Alfa Hotel built in 1930.

We fell in love with this beautiful mansion, built by him in 1897, and worked with Tony Tintinger to create somewhere you can share special moments and good food.

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